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How Google Saved a School

In this video PBS Frontline profiles Intermediate School 339 of Community Technology in the Bronx, NY. At one point this inner city school was one of New York’s lowest performing until technology was implemented.


Louis Black on Education

Watch videos of classrooms sharing lesson ideas:

Any grade level: Literacy and Apple ITouch
K-12 Teachers: Web 2.0 with 21st Century, Wetland Custodians,
Primary Teachers: **Picture Writing**, Monarch Butterflies Lesson , **"Independent Learning Activity" sample**
Secondary Teachers: **Thin Walls** , 21st Century " **Disruptive Innovation** "
Music Teachers: web based music compositon
Think about the types of "global digital age and higher order thinking" learning experiences these students are having.

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Learn how to **set up your own "Cover it Live" session** .

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